What is the definition of "Structure"?

The main part of the holiday home including fixtures and fittings that form part of the caravan or lodge. The Structure section of the GoldPark policy will also cover any furnishings (tables, chairs etc) which are included as standard by the manufacturer of the holiday home.

What is the definition of "Contents"?

Household goods (such as microwave, kettle, television) that you own and are kept within the holiday home or outbuildings linked to your caravan or lodge.

How can I pay my premium?

We’ve made paying your premium as flexible as possible. You can pay us by debit/credit card, bank transfer, cheque or monthly/annual direct debit. Our monthly Direct Debit option is INTEREST FREE.

What is the difference between New for Old & Market Value?

New for Old
In the event of your caravan or lodge being damaged beyond repair, you will be provided with a brand new equivalent model. It is important that your structure sum insured represents the cost of a brand new model or the nearest model & specification if your existing model is no longer available.

Market Value
In the event of your holiday home being damaged beyond repair, your unit will be valued on its market value at the time of the loss. The structure sum insured on your policy should represent the market value of the unit taking into consideration its age, make, model and condition

How do I calculate my Structure sum insured?

GoldPark are not able to advise you on the amount to insure your unit. The best advice can be obtained from the owners of the Holiday Park where your unit is sited.

What are the winter requirements of the GoldPark policy?

If the holiday home is not going to be lived in for a 72-hour period or more between 1st November and 15th March inclusive, you must make sure you take ONE of the following actions:

  • If the park closes during this period, turn the water off at the mains and drain the water and heating system with all taps left open, sinks and plug holes left unobstructed.
  • For any time that the park remains open prior to the holiday home being fully drained down, turn the water off at the mains stopcock, leave all the taps open and leave sinks and plug holes unobstructed.
  • If the holiday home is fitted with a central heating system containing antifreeze, it needs to have been maintained in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.
  • If the holiday home is fitted with a central heating system, it must be set in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations to operate daily and overnight to avoid frost damage.

What is a policy excess?

The amount you are required to pay as the first part of each and every claim.

If my Caravan/Lodge is damaged beyond repair, does my policy provide cover for clearing the debris and siting a replacement unit?

Yes, the GoldPark policy provides up to £10,000 or 10% of the Structure sum insured (whichever is the higher) for expenses associated with siting, repairing or re-building the Structure.

Does my policy cover damage which has been caused by rodents and vermin?

Yes, the GoldPark policy provides cover for damage caused by rodents and vermin.

Am I covered for Public Liability?

Yes, your GoldPark policy will pay up to £5,000,000 for any event that you become legally liable to pay as compensation for accidental death, bodily injury or illness, plus material damage to property not belonging to you. See full details in the policy wording.

What types of liability insurance are included with GoldPark?

GoldPark insurance automatically includes Property Owner’s Liability (up to £5m), Liability to Domestic Staff (up to £10m) and Public Liability (up to £5m).

Will you insure my static caravan or lodge if it is my primary residence?

No, GoldPark is only for caravans or lodges which are used as a holiday home. It must not be used as your primary residence.

Will you insure my static caravan if it is not situated on a holiday caravan/lodge park?

GoldPark only provides insurance for static caravans and lodges which are situated on specialist holiday parks for caravans and/or lodges. It is not suitable for caravans located on other types of property.

Does GoldPark include insurance for loss of hiring charges for my holiday rental caravan/lodge?

If your caravan or lodge cannot be lived in because of a covered cause, GoldPark will pay for loss of hiring charges or the reasonable cost of alternative accommodation for your guests (including their pets). We will pay up to 20% of the Structures sum insured.

Do you include replacement of locks and keys?

Yes, we will pay for the cost to replace keys and locks to external doors and windows of your holiday caravan or lodge (garages or outbuildings are excluded from this cover). Cover is also included for loss or damage caused by forced emergency entry by the emergency services.

Does GoldPark include cover for my outdoor items?

Yes, structures cover includes loss or damage to storage lockers, sheds, greenhouses, summer houses. Contents cover also includes up to £1,000 for contents left in the open (such as garden furniture, statues and pots) and up to £500 cover for garden plants. Exclusions apply – see full policy wording.

What is not included in my GoldPark Caravan Holiday Home and Lodge insurance policy?

Full details of exclusions are shown in the policy wording, but the main exclusions to note are:

  • Storm or flood damage to gates, hedges, fences, gazebos, pergolas and awnings.
  • Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft while your property is unfurnished or has been unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days unless there has been forcible entry to, or exit from, your holiday home.
  • Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, the effects of the atmosphere, rot or fungus and costs that arise from the normal use, maintenance and upkeep of your property.
  • Loss or damage by vandalism or malicious damage caused by you, your family or guests or any other people that you, your family or guests have allowed into your holiday home.